The ISR community celebrated a significant milestone in academic excellence this past Saturday, January 20th, at the Second Open International Student Research Conference “From Ideas to Impact” hosted by Exupery International School.

It was a day marked by insightful presentations and intellectual discovery, as our own ISR students, Daniels and Karlina, took the stage to showcase their extensive research and passion for knowledge.

Daniels, exploring the dynamic world of business, captivated the audience with his presentation, ‘What Factors Contribute to the Massive Success of a Business?’ His research, an integral part of his entrepreneurial journey, provided a thorough analysis of the key components that drive a business towards phenomenal success.

Karlina presented ‘The Research Behind an IB Theory of Knowledge Essay,’ where she skillfully navigated through complex concepts of knowledge and belief systems. Her presentation highlighted her exceptional analytical abilities and her profound grasp of the Theory of Knowledge.

The conference was not just an academic exercise but a display of the dedication, hard work, and intellectual curiosity that our students embody. Daniels and Karlina’s participation and success are not only a source of pride for ISR but also an inspiration to their peers.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Daniels and Karlina for their outstanding achievements and for representing ISR with such distinction. Their commitment to research and academic excellence embodies the very spirit of ISR’s educational philosophy.

Join us in celebrating their success and the bright future that undoubtedly lies ahead for these promising young scholars.