In the bustling hallways of the International School of Riga (ISR), stories of success and ambition unfold every day. Today, we spotlight Maxim, a Grade 12 student whose academic journey has led to remarkable achievements – acceptances from four prestigious universities in the United Kingdom for Marketing Management. Maxim’s dedication, hard work, and passion for marketing have culminated in offers from the University of Brighton, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Salford, and University of Sussex.

  1. Maxim, congratulations on your impressive university acceptances! How do you feel about this achievement?

Hello! Thank you very much. My friends and family members have also congratulated me on surpassing this fantastic milestone — I am delighted to receive acceptance letters from these prestigious UK Universities, and I look forward to the next steps of this exciting process!

  1. Can you share what inspired you to pursue a degree in Marketing Management?

From a very young age, I have enjoyed the concept of writing. At the age of five, before I thoroughly learned how to write, I began creating my own short stories and novels. This craft became the foundation of my future experiences and the selection of my preferred area of study.

Since the beginning of Grade 10, I have been involved in a number of valuable work experiences that helped me identify Marketing as my desired profession. I began my working career in the sphere of journalism — writing 600+ news articles for an online newspaper. Subsequently, I have transitioned into the field of content marketing and collaborated with various IT companies, FinTech businesses, and Start-Ups that further supported me in uncovering my passion for Marketing.

Currently, I am exploring the personal branding industry while working one-on-one with Founders, Consultants, and Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and helping them to build impactful personal brands on LinkedIn. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn if you want to stay in touch or discuss a potential partnership!

Overall, the idea to pursue a degree in Marketing Management has been primarily inspired by practical, hands-on projects in which I have participated throughout the years of my High School career, as well as the interest that I developed towards that industry.

  1. With acceptances from four prestigious UK universities, how did you go about making your decision on where to apply?

In addition to the United Kingdom, I have also applied to two other countries — the United States and the Netherlands. In my eyes, these locations offer the optimum combination of features and opportunities that I could leverage and enjoy throughout my Undergraduate Studies and beyond.

It is worth mentioning that the offers from the UK Universities are conditional in terms of the IBDP requirements. Therefore, plenty of work still needs to be done as a part of the next steps of this journey — I look forward to finalising my IBDP-related coursework, preparing for my end-of-year exams, and completing the ultimate components of my University Applications!

  1. What role did ISR play in preparing you for the university application process and your future studies in Marketing Management?

The International School of Riga has played a pivotal role in my education and preparation for the University Application process. 

I would like to use this opportunity to express my gratitude for all the teachers and staff members of ISR who have helped me with my learning ever since I joined this school in Grade 6. 

In terms of the University Applications, I am extremely thankful to Ms. Lauren Fenato and Ms. Andrea Christen for providing me with outstanding Recommendation Letters, as well as to Ms. Duong Mai, our kind and attentive University Counsellor, who has assisted me at every step of this pathway.

  1. Throughout your time at ISR, what experiences or projects do you believe significantly contributed to your interest and success in marketing?

One of my most meaningful school-related projects and experiences has been the establishment of the ISR Telegram News Channel, which aims to connect students, parents, and faculty members by publishing daily news and announcements about the school.

I founded this channel at the start of Grade 10, and it has been active for 3+ years. The project emerged as a Mission & Service (M&S) group, later transforming into my CAS Project for the IBDP Curriculum. 

The ISR Telegram News Channel enhanced my leadership and communication skills. It allowed me to experience a previously uncharted niche at ISR, as well as the process of developing and scaling this venture by means of content marketing and advertising within the school community. All members of the ISR Community are welcome to join the channel via this invite link.

  1. The application process can be quite daunting. Can you share any challenges you faced and how you overcame them?

The University Application process encompasses multiple steps and can become quite time-consuming. A challenge I faced was maintaining a balance between tasks associated with the University Applications, as well as other school-related commitments and IBDP projects. Jotting down all of your deadlines and putting them on a calendar view (e.g., I use Notion) was beneficial to see the bigger picture and streamline my time management system.

  1. Do you have any specific goals or aspirations you hope to achieve during your time at university?

My major goals and aspirations during my time at University include diving deeper into my chosen program, meeting new people, developing new connections, and simply enjoying every moment of this wonderful adventure!

  1. Marketing is a field that’s constantly evolving. Are there any particular trends or areas within marketing that you’re excited to explore more deeply?

At the moment, my work experiences and ongoing projects have led me to specialise in digital and content marketing directions of this field. On the side, I am actively learning about affiliate marketing, social media marketing, and community management, among other areas.

As you have correctly pointed out, marketing is a field that is constantly evolving. I find this concept as one of the most fascinating aspects of this industry because there is always room for learning, growth and improvement!

  1. Looking back at your journey, what advice would you give to fellow ISR students considering their future university studies and career paths?

The main advice I would like to share with fellow ISR students contains some timeless strategies — pursue an area of study that you genuinely enjoy and start the University Application process early. 

From personal experience — research, essay writing, and profile management go smoother when you have a comfortable time margin before your next deadline. I wish all ISR students the best of luck with their future University Applications!

  1. Finally, as you look forward to starting your university life, what are you most excited about, and how do you plan to make the most of this new chapter?

I am incredibly excited about this new chapter and everything that University life has to offer. There are multiple components that I look forward to exploring, such as joining new communities, adapting to a different learning environment, and gaining insightful knowledge about my chosen area of study. Thank you very much for inviting me to participate in this interview. I really appreciate this wonderful opportunity. Have a nice day!

In our continuous effort to support the holistic well-being of our students, ISR is excited to extend an invitation to all parents of Grades 6 – 12 to a crucial workshop titled “Managing Student Anxiety.” This event, aimed at equipping parents with the knowledge and tools to assist their children through challenges, is led by the esteemed Ms. Jurita Smiltiņa, ISR’s Secondary School’s Social-Emotional Counselor.

Event Details:

  • Date: Thursday, March 14
  • Time: 17:00 – 18:00
  • Location: Vesetas 9

Anxiety in students is a growing concern, and understanding how to navigate these waters as a parent is essential. Ms. Smiltiņa will delve into several key areas during the workshop, including how to recognize the signs and symptoms of anxiety, effective support strategies for parents, and the science behind anxiety. Additionally, she will provide practical advice on what approaches to try and what to avoid, aiming to equip parents with a comprehensive understanding of how to aid their children.

Moreover, the workshop will address the importance of expanding mindsets to combat negative or rigid thinking patterns, fostering a positive and encouraging atmosphere for students to overcome their anxieties.

This in-person session promises to be an invaluable resource for parents, offering insights into the complexities of student anxiety and presenting strategies to support their children’s emotional health effectively.

RSVP Today: We encourage all interested parents to RSVP by filling in the provided form to ensure adequate preparations for this important event. Your participation is a step towards strengthening the support network for our students within the ISR community.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join hands with ISR in nurturing a supportive and understanding environment for our students to thrive emotionally and academically.


We look forward to welcoming you to an evening of learning, sharing, and empowerment at the Managing Student Anxiety workshop. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our students.

On a crisp Saturday morning, the vibrant halls of the Art Museum RIGA BOURSE became a bustling hub of creativity and learning, thanks to the meticulously organized silk screen printing workshop and exhibition tour on February 3rd. This enriching event, thoughtfully arranged by the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), saw an impressive turnout of eager participants ready to immerse themselves in the art of textile painting—a craft steeped in ancient Asian traditions.

The workshop was more than just an opportunity to learn a new skill; it was a bridge connecting participants to the rich tapestry of cultural heritage. Under the expert guidance of skilled artisans, attendees delved into the intricate process of silk screen printing, transforming plain T-shirts and bags into personalized masterpieces. The air was thick with concentration and creativity, as each participant, from young enthusiasts to seasoned artists, brought their visions to life on fabric.

But the day offered more than just practical learning. The guided tour of the Riga Bourse Museum added a profound layer of inspiration to the experience. As participants wandered through the galleries, they were greeted by an array of stunning artworks and exhibits. Each piece, with its own story and significance, invited onlookers into a dialogue with history, culture, and the endless possibilities of artistic expression. This blend of hands-on activity and educational exploration made for a truly memorable day, deepening everyone’s appreciation for the arts.

The event’s success was a testament to the community’s vibrant spirit of curiosity and creativity. The Art Museum RIGA BOURSE provided the perfect backdrop for this cultural immersion, offering warm hospitality and an inspiring setting that left an indelible mark on all who attended.

As we reflect on this unforgettable day, we are reminded of the power of art to connect, inspire, and educate. The enthusiasm and talent displayed by each participant underscored the importance of such events in fostering a deep-rooted appreciation for cultural traditions and the arts.

We extend our sincerest gratitude to the Art Museum RIGA BOURSE and to every participant who made this event a resounding success. Your creativity and passion were the heart of this workshop, and we look forward to seeing how you continue to express yourselves and inspire others.

Let’s keep the art spirit alive and thriving within our community. Don’t forget to share your creations and experiences using #PTOCreativeDay, and stay tuned for more opportunities to explore, learn, and create together.


The ISR community celebrated a significant milestone in academic excellence this past Saturday, January 20th, at the Second Open International Student Research Conference “From Ideas to Impact” hosted by Exupery International School.

It was a day marked by insightful presentations and intellectual discovery, as our own ISR students, Daniels and Karlina, took the stage to showcase their extensive research and passion for knowledge.

Daniels, exploring the dynamic world of business, captivated the audience with his presentation, ‘What Factors Contribute to the Massive Success of a Business?’ His research, an integral part of his entrepreneurial journey, provided a thorough analysis of the key components that drive a business towards phenomenal success.

Karlina presented ‘The Research Behind an IB Theory of Knowledge Essay,’ where she skillfully navigated through complex concepts of knowledge and belief systems. Her presentation highlighted her exceptional analytical abilities and her profound grasp of the Theory of Knowledge.

The conference was not just an academic exercise but a display of the dedication, hard work, and intellectual curiosity that our students embody. Daniels and Karlina’s participation and success are not only a source of pride for ISR but also an inspiration to their peers.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Daniels and Karlina for their outstanding achievements and for representing ISR with such distinction. Their commitment to research and academic excellence embodies the very spirit of ISR’s educational philosophy.

Join us in celebrating their success and the bright future that undoubtedly lies ahead for these promising young scholars.

Get ready for an action-packed day of hoops as ISR hosts an exciting basketball tournament at the Rimi Olympic Centre on Sunday, February 21! Our Middle School and High School basketball teams have been putting in the work, and we invite you to join us in cheering them on. Best part? Admission is free!

Sunday Game Schedule:

High School Boys (Representing ISR with 2 teams):

  • 10:30 AM: ISR vs. King’s College
  • 11:45 AM: Special game – ISR boys facing off against each other! (18 ISR players)
  • 2:15 PM: ISR vs. ISL
  • 2:15 PM: ISR vs. King’s College
  • 3:30 PM: ISR vs. ISL

High School Girls (Representing ISR with 2 teams):

  • 10:30 AM: ISR vs. ISL
  • 1:00 PM: Special game – ISR girls competing against each other! (14 ISR players)

Feel free to drop by at any of the mentioned times, and the kids would absolutely LOVE to see you there. The atmosphere is more electrifying when the stands are packed and the cheers are loud!

Let’s make this tournament a memorable one!

International School of Riga

The enchanting spirit of the holidays descended upon ISR as we hosted a spectacular Winter Bazaar on December 20. The atmosphere was filled with joy, laughter, and the warmth of the season.

Highlights of the Winter Bazaar:

Santa Claus’s Grand Entrance: The real Santa Claus made a special appearance, spreading cheer and delight among our students. His jolly presence added an extra sprinkle of magic to the festivities.

Grade Performances: Each grade showcased their talent through delightful singing and dancing performances. The auditorium echoed with the harmonious sounds of holiday songs, creating a magical ambiance.

Handmade Treasures: The Bazaar featured an array of handmade treasures, from crochet toys to intricate jewelry, soft drinks, sauces and spices, natural sweets, handmade accessories, gingerbread cookies, and even porcelain items! Students and parents had the opportunity to shop for unique and thoughtful holiday gifts.

Creative Expressions: Students immersed themselves in artistic endeavors, creating beautiful pictures and crafts. The Winter Bazaar provided a platform for self-expression and creativity.

A Heartwarming Conclusion:

As the Winter Bazaar concluded, it left behind a trail of happy memories and a festive glow. The event served as a delightful prelude to the winter holidays, observed from December 21 to January 9.

Season’s Greetings:

The ISR family wishes everyone a joyous and heartwarming holiday season. May your days be filled with happiness, laughter, and the warmth of shared moments. Happy holidays!

International school of Riga

We recently had the privilege of sitting down with Elenor, an exceptional student at ISR who has been accepted to study at Western Washington University. In this interview, Elenor shares thoughts about this exciting opportunity and reflects on the impactful role ISR played in shaping her academic and personal journey.

1. The Opportunity Ahead:

Elenor expresses her gratitude for the overwhelming support she received from ISR throughout the challenging university application process. From navigating essays to managing stress, the guidance of teachers and staff has been invaluable.

“I felt very supported throughout this process for a while. From the very start, my teachers and other staff were very supportive of how stressful it is to apply for university on top of all of our school work, especially IAs and the Extended Essay,” Elenar says.

2. Shaping the Educational Path:

Reflecting on her academic journey, Elenor credits ISR teachers for not only imparting academic knowledge but also for fostering a safe and supportive environment. 

“I have always generally enjoyed school, and this is partly because of my teachers being amazing role models and their efforts to help me with my studies. They were also supportive regarding my mental health and were very understanding and patient which was very helpful.”

The relationships she built with teachers at ISR contributed significantly to her sense of security and belonging.

3. The Excitement of a New Country:

Moving to the United States holds a special place in Elenor’s heart, particularly the Pacific Northwest. She shares her enthusiasm for the social and physical environment of the campus, anticipating a seamless blend with the region she grew up in.

4. Contributions to a Diverse Community:

Having been in a diverse environment since early life, Elenor looks forward to integrating with the inclusive community at Western Washington University. She emphasizes the importance of valuing diversity, a principle deeply instilled in her upbringing.

5. Coping with Change:

Addressing the emotional aspect of leaving home for education, Elenor acknowledges the inevitability of homesickness. Drawing on past experiences, she shares her coping mechanisms, emphasizing the importance of communication, adaptability, and the ability to find home in different places.

6. ISR’s Unique Preparation:

Elenor attributes her readiness for university life to ISR’s unique experiences, such as World Scholars and Model United Nations. These experiences equipped her with debating skills, adaptability, and a global perspective—enhancing her academic, social, and life skills.

7. Personal and Professional Goals:

Elenor sets personal goals for her time at the university. These goals include focusing on experiencing the natural beauty of the region, building independence, and embracing new opportunities for personal growth and cultural enrichment.

8. Contributions to the Campus Community:

With a background rich in global experiences, Elenor believes her open-mindedness and eagerness to learn will contribute positively to the campus community. She looks forward to sharing her international perspective and learning from the diverse experiences of her peers.

9. Advice for Aspiring International Students:

Elenor advises prospective international students to consider not only academic aspects but also the location of their prospective university. She emphasizes the importance of finding motivation in the physical environment. As for pre-college experiences, she encourages living in the moment, trying new things, and not letting the anticipation of the future overshadow the present.

A final word from Elenar: “I have always enjoyed learning new things and now I get to somewhat dictate what I learn for years to come. I also enjoy that I could possibly get credits before I even go to the university due to IB and how the school works with the scores I get.”

As Elenor embarks on this exciting journey, her story serves as an inspiration for students aspiring to pursue higher education abroad. We wish her the very best in her endeavors at Western Washington University and we’re confident that her ISR education has prepared her well for the adventures that lie ahead of her.

Get ready to deck the halls and embrace holiday magic at our Winter Festival & Market on December 20th, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM, hosted at the ISR Primary Campus on Kalnciema street 118! Bring your loved ones and dive into the festive spirit as we transform our school grounds into a winter wonderland.

This year, we’re thrilled to announce that we have around 16 fantastic suppliers participating in the Bazaar, bringing you a delightful array of goodies and gifts that are sure to make your holiday season even brighter. 

From wooden cutting boards to crochet toys, beaded bracelets, and dream catchers, there’s something for everyone. Step into a world of holiday charm and explore the joyous atmosphere while discovering unique treasures that make for perfect Christmas presents.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the offerings at the Bazaar:

  • Wooden Cutting Boards
  • Crochet Toys
  • Beaded Bracelets
  • Dream Catchers
  • Christmas Socks
  • UniCandle
  • Handmade Jewellery
  • Candles
  • Dried Fruits, Healthy Syrups, and Fresh Juices
  • Wool Gloves
  • Eco Wax Candles and Organic Gypsum Home Decor
  • Natural Products and Gift Sets
  • Tea and Coffee Presents
  • Beaded Brooches and Chokers
  • Wooden toys and home accessories 
  • Porcelain from Balanced Design

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to find that perfect and unique gift for your loved ones, all while soaking in the festive atmosphere and spreading joy within our school community.

Mark your calendars! We’ll see you there for a winter celebration filled with fun and festivities.

We are excited to accept registrations for the International School of Riga SUMMER DAY CAMPS for youngsters in age groups 3-12 (Early Years – Grade 6)! ?

Programs consist of developmentally appropriate activities, including inquiry learning ✨, intensive English language practice ?, sports ⛹?, games ?, outdoor exploration ?, field trips ?, art?, & cultural experiences. ?

This is great fun for our students, as well as a unique opportunity for people outside of ISR to explore our school and its learning methods, get to know our staff members, and practice English! ?

The Summer Day Camp will run for 3 weeks:
⭕️ Week one: June 28 – July 2 “Busy Bees Art Week”
⭕️ Week two: July 5 – July 9 “Time Travel”
⭕️ Week three: July 12 – July 17 “Express Yourself”

Summer camps will take place in ISR Primary Campus and a safe environment is guaranteed, according to recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education.

The cost of Summer Day Camp is 250€ for ISR members per week (per child) and 350€ for non-ISR members per week (per child). Sibling discount: 10% for the second and subsequent child(ren). The price includes lunch and all activities.

For more info and registration, please see, or contact our Admissions office through e-mail or call +371 6789 3641!


See you at the Summer Camp 2021! ?

Latvian Television publishes a story about our Outdoor learning program: “The reunion of students in person at the Riga International School begins with conversations and games.”
For the first time, 7th grade students of Riga International School met in person in the middle of April. After so long of seeing each other only on the computer screen, changes have been made to the school curriculum. Instead of lessons, adaptation takes place. Students learn to be together again, only this time in masks and two meters away, in a tent or school stadium.

Riga International School is a private school, the language of instruction is English. The school is located between residential houses. The presence of office buildings is also constantly reminiscent of the urban environment. Here, the teacher’s story is interrupted from time to time by both the roar of the engine and the generators working in the adjacent building. However, the young people are happy to be able to meet again.

7th-grade student Karen Kristen pointed out: “Yes, it is a bit disturbing, but it is also nice. You are closer to nature, and the feelings are natural. (..) It’s so good to be in school again. It’s both easier to learn and nice to meet classmates again. And it’s just good to be back and feel things change.

Learning online, Karena remembers the constant feeling that school is in your room.

“It was difficult because you felt like you were in school all the time. Even when not studied. But it was good not to get up early. And homework could be done at any time. But there was a lack of cooperation with classmates,” she said.

The class advisor admitted that the online “screen time” time for his students – seventh-grade students – had increased.

“Some have become more independent and responsible. They have become much older at this age. But others are not ready for it, and they feel lost,” said Grade 7A Advisor Daniel Dodge.

The teacher is happy that, under all conditions, the lessons can take place in person again. He admitted: “It’s a great idea. Because the risk is low, there is continuous ventilation because we are outside, in the fresh air.”

For now, there is a badminton tournament and board games instead of literature and mathematics. The school’s director, Mr. Shane Kells, explained: “Children are social beings. They need to be with others. Social well-being is just as important, so we start with children sitting and just talking. It was such a big challenge for them. And we hope so much that they will not lose their curiosity.”

In addition to purely practical things – tents and tables in the area – the school had to think about the workload of the teachers and the work plan. Other classes still study remotely. However, teachers counsel young people privately, in person.

“It simply came to our notice then. Our goal was first to get the children back to school and, depending on their age, to help them understand that school still exists. The school is still here, and they are still part of the school,” said Mr. Kells.

This is the first week the 7th grade is studying outdoors. Weather can also introduce its own adjustments for outdoor activities. Once the students have become accustomed to each other, the teachers will also return to the lesson list.