It is with immense pride that we celebrate Estere, a remarkable student from the International School of Riga (ISR), who has been accepted to New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) on a substantial scholarship. Estere’s journey from Latvia to the vibrant city of Abu Dhabi marks the beginning of a transformative chapter, filled with opportunities for personal growth, cultural immersion, and academic exploration.

Embracing New Cultures and Perspectives

Estere’s excitement about transitioning from Latvia to the culturally diverse environment of Abu Dhabi is palpable. Having been exposed to an international education at ISR, she looks forward to further broadening her perspectives, meeting new people, and diving into new cultures and traditions. This eagerness to learn and grow embodies the spirit of a true global citizen.

The Path to NYUAD: A Scholarship Journey

The scholarship Estere has been awarded covers approximately 90% of her expenses, highlighting the significance of financial aid in empowering students to pursue higher education without constraints. Estere’s journey to securing this scholarship involved meticulous preparation, determination, and the support of the ISR community.

Choosing NYUAD: A Decision Inspired by Diversity

The decision to apply to NYU Abu Dhabi was driven by the university’s diverse academic opportunities, state-of-the-art facilities, and the potential for research. Estere’s application process was supported by ISR’s nurturing environment, including guidance from the university counsellor and recommendation letters from dedicated teachers.

Navigating the Application Process

Estere describes the university application process as initially daunting but ultimately rewarding. From essays that capture her individuality to engaging in interviews and virtual candidate weekends, the journey was a testament to her resilience and the support she received from the ISR community.

Looking Forward to Life in Abu Dhabi

Anticipating the shift from Latvia to Abu Dhabi, Estere is excited about immersing herself in the Middle Eastern culture, broadening her understanding of the region, and living in a city known for its diversity and innovation.

ISR’s Role in Shaping a Global Citizen

Reflecting on her education at ISR, Estere credits the school’s diverse community for shaping her into an open-minded individual, prepared to embark on her international university journey. The environment at ISR fostered curiosity and respect for different cultures, setting the stage for her next chapter at NYUAD.

Advice for Aspiring Students

For students aiming for similar opportunities, Estere advises starting the scholarship application process early, utilizing available support, and persevering through challenges. Embracing setbacks as growth opportunities is key to success.

Preparing for Cultural Immersion

As Estere prepares for her move to Abu Dhabi, she focuses on learning about the local culture, adopting basic Arabic phrases, and connecting with fellow students. Embracing this new experience with an open mind, she looks forward to personal growth and cultural immersion.

Anticipating NYUAD’s Academic Environment

Estere expects a challenging academic environment at NYUAD that fosters exploration, critical thinking, and collaboration. She looks forward to engaging in vibrant student life, pursuing research initiatives, and contributing to the community.

Future Aspirations

Academically, Estere aspires to explore various disciplines before finding her true passion. Personally, she hopes to immerse herself in cultural diversity, build lasting friendships, and make meaningful contributions to NYUAD and beyond.

Congratulations, Estere, on your remarkable achievement! The ISR community is incredibly proud of you and eagerly awaits the stories of your successes and experiences at NYU Abu Dhabi.