By the Grade 5 Newsletter Club


The Latvian Olympic day celebration is a huge event at ISR, that happens at the beginning of the school year. This year it was on the 18th of September. All schools in Latvia are celebrating it in different ways, but one common thing is a dance, made by one teacher and other helping to organise it with different sports activities and slogans. ISR is celebrating this event for the 6th time, this year it included an official Olympic dance, Zumba dances, quiz and relay race. All parts were evaluated by points (right answers on quiz questions, times of running relay races and sportsmanship when dancing). Classes were ranked by points and got awarded Castle Points, with the winning class getting 100.


PE Teacher Ms Marlena reminded us why the school celebrates this event: 

Olympic day is a day, when we enjoy sports, being active, celebrating united community and choosing our future sports. The goal of this event is to show students that everyone can do sports no matter their age, abilities and skills.  I believe that the International School of Riga has the most active and sporty students not only in these events but in daily life as well. Whenever there is a chance they will play football, tag, hula hoop games and enjoy being outside in the fresh air!  


We asked some questions about the event and sports in general. Here are the outcomes from Grade 3, the winners. 

Most students liked dancing and running, while the hardest activity for Grade 3 was quiz, and the easiest activity for grade 3 was dancing. Most people did not like the relay races activity, however all the people said they were proud of their grade team! Most students said that the olympic day was worth it.

Every person from Grade 3 likes sports, therefore it is not surprisingly that most people attend sports training sessions. The most popular sports in grade 3 are: football, tennis and basketball.


Raimonds expresses his opinion about ISR Olympic Day. 

I didn’t like the dancing but I liked the sprints. And I liked the quiz.


Elijus expresses his opinion about ISR Olympic Day. 

The thing that I liked the most was running and the quiz.

The thing that I didn’t like the most was the DANCE.


Peter expresses his opinion about ISR Olympic Day. 

 I liked olympic day because we were doing fun activities, my favorite thing was relay races and quiz! I did not like the dancing part but it was still fun for everyone.  


Thank you to everyone who helped make this day possible!