By the Grade 5 Newsletter Club


From Petr: 

Hello, my name is Maskie and I am a Face mask. I live in a Pharmacy with other masks. I cost 2 euros and 99 cents. No one wants to buy me and I am very sad. There is a quarantine now in our city. There is a sickness that is called Covid 19 and it is very good for me because people need masks to go to the shop and I am the one! I was waiting for a human to buy me, but nobody came. The person that is selling me is a doctor, he is very old and his name is Joe. He has an oval face and fat belly. One time a person came to our Pharmacy and he wanted to buy a mask. I was so happy! I thought he would buy me! I have such a great ornament! Such bright colors! And he took me!!!!! I was 6 weeks in a store! 

His house was so big and he had 3 little kids. His wife called him Griffin so I called him Griff. Their family was from China, and to stay healthy they had to wear masks. Griff was working in a hospital. He flew to Riga by Air Baltic. Everywhere in public places he was wearing me. I was covering his nose and mouth. I lived 5 months with him, then he died.


From Elijus: 

In these times everyone needs a face mask, because of the virus Covid-19 spreading around the world. The mask doesn’t help a lot but it’s still better to have protection then don’t have it. Some people complain about bad breathing and bad smell, but doctors keep saying that you have to wear them because you don’t know what could happen. People have to wear masks in public places like supermarkets, shops, train stations, buses, hospitals etc… Sometimes people have to quarantine in their houses. The virus is really powerful, a lot of people got sick of it, some people even died. Sickness is really bad, you feel really bad and you don’t have any energy. So be safe and have a face mask!!!


From Raimonds

It started with Airbaltic, they produced me in the airport of Riga. I am made out of cotton. There are little holes in me so air can flow through me. Though I am very safe for people, I protect from germs and illnesses. I help people to avoid sickness, staying at quarantine and treatment in hospitals.  Because of Covid-19  they made me. I am a mask named Raimond. I have a lot of other mask friends in the airport. A lot of people wear masks like me, especially doctors.