ISR is founded by an Association, which is governed by the School Council consisting of 7 Members and 1 Associate Member who are elected at a General Meeting from among the Association’s members (parents). We welcome the new School Council, following the election results: Ms Ingrīda Ķirse, Ms Tea Maisuradze, Ms Valērija Lieģe, Mr Harijs Kovaļevskis, Mr Massimo Pigni, Mr Vadims Grigorenko and Mr Timothy Fuller Bazin. We are thankful for your engagement and service!

Each Council member serves for a two-year term contributing to our school with the expertise and experience they bring from their own professions.

The principal responsibilities of the School Council are:

  • To hire and evaluate the School Director;
  • To oversee the initiation, development, and evaluation of the 4-year strategic planning cycle;

To attend other fiduciary duties, such as:

  • To review enrolment fees, yearly membership fees, and all other related costs for upcoming 2 (two) School years and to propose these for approval at General Meeting;
  • To approve the Association’s 12 (twelve) months budget and any changes to the budget taking into consideration yearly membership fees approved by General Meeting;
  • To appoint and dismiss a sworn auditor;
  • To oversee and evaluate the implementation of the decisions of the General Meeting, to decide on strategic issues of the Association, and to prepare reports for review at the meetings of members.

We’re proud to welcome seven respectful professionals whose versatility and business know-how will help our internationally-minded community reach new goals!