Book Days, Readathon and Harry Potter : a year of reading in the library

By Diana Legzdina, Librarian

This year has been an exciting one for the Library! I have has compiled a few fun statistics to illustrate the Best of 2018-2019.

Most popular books this year

Funniest books this year:

Favourite activities in the Library this year:

Sorting Books, shelving and alphabetizing books, borrowing books, the Lego station, storytime, searching online databases on Chromebooks, mending books that are broken, drawing, writing stories.

Top activity for all ages

  1. Looking at ISR Yearbooks from previous years!
  2. Being class librarian and checking books in and out for the classmates
  3. Decorating the library for Book Days and Sleepover

Some Circulation Statistics for the past 12 months:

1st place – Faculty & Staff – 1,169 total circulations

2nd – Grade 1 – 409 total circulations

3rd – Grade 2H – 408 total circulations

Highlights of the year:

Book days and Sleepover

Read around the Solar System

Drop Everything and Read on Fridays!