Middle School students of the International School of Riga are stunning with this year’s Spring Project! Over the two weeks before spring break, the students completed a project on a passion of their choice.

This website is an exhibition of their results: https://sites.google.com/isriga.lv/isr-middle-school-spring-proje/home?fbclid=IwAR2XA-HerLteVoxe_4KI0WtCqbiNcCrInTKeXI9e1yleUB_VHoOn_hCZrFI

Teachers facilitated multi-grade level communities of learners. Students planned their days, reflected daily, attended community meetings, and exhibited self-management, research, creation, and communication skills. This included completing research and producing a product or outcome. Each student’s work is their own.

Please enjoy their passions by reading the website, where you will see projects of discovery, projects completed in the kitchen, as well as arts and crafts, fashion and photography, the literary corner, and fitness and health!

Thank you for supporting The Spring Project!