People of ISR: Ms. Diana Briede

By Ginta Karklina, Early Years Principal


Diana Briede was once described as a ‘small person with a heart the size of the Moon.’ Heart is what has been guiding everything that Diana has done for ISR.

She cared for her little Preschoolers when they did amazing work in class as much as when they hid under the table to cut hair or to try to escape from the room.

Diana’s Grade 2 students, later her Grade 9 homeroom, graduated ISR this spring. Many of them still remember what they had learned together with Diana. Those are the lessons for a lifetime – to care for each other and the world around them, to be compassionate and to follow their own hearts.

The biggest space in Diana’s heart is taken by the students who need additional support. We all can learn from her to keep trying, to keep looking for yet another way to help if the previous one failed, to keep learning, searching for advice and to celebrate each success, no matter how big or small it is. Coordinating Learning Support is what Diana has done the longest at ISR.

As a Primary Principal Diana cares about the teaching staff as much as about the students. Just as she wants students to grow and get better, she wants the teachers to continue growing professionally, to continue looking for new ways to enhance their teaching. And she is always sincere when showing her appreciation of the hard work teachers do.

We asked each Staff member to describe Diana with one word:

Diana has put her heart into ISR for many years. We all are wishing her the best of luck with all her future endeavors, following the path her heart is going to lead. All of us, who are returning to ISR next school year, will have to make sure we are continuing to put our hearts in the work we do. We need to continue what Diana has done for us and for our students. To be able to do that, we need to keep the students in the centre of our hearts. Which we do, everyday.