News from the library: IB learner profiles and open-mindedness

By Diāna Legzdiņa, Librarian


Welcome back to our Library! From the very first day, students and staff have been checking out library materials and coming for lessons. It is a place that never sleeps:)


Since the IB Learner Profile for the month of September was open-minded, let’s have a closer look at how out students were be open-minded when visiting the library.

An open-minded student in the library:  


  • Shows appreciation for stories in other languages and checks-out books from various sections of the library  
  • Is willing to try a new author or topic to read
  • Listens to others’ views and suggestions respectfully
  • Is honest and open to new ideas and shares how he/she feels 
  • Shows empathy and awareness of biases and stereotypes