Resources for Parents and Students

Tips & Resources for Parents

1) Tips to Help Parents Cope, from Harvard Health Institute
2) Supporting Families during COVID-19 (from Child Mind Institute)
3) Tips for Parenting During the Coronavirus Outbreak (from UNICEF)
4) Khan Academy is helping parents by writing out ideal schedules for all age ranges.


1) Gather your family around the computer and take a tour of The Louvre Museum! The museum has its Egyptian collection online along with a tour of the remains of their moat and the Galerie d’Apollon.
2) Italy might have closed its borders, but The Sistine Chapel is now “open” for a digital tour of its incredible and world-famous art.
3) Have you ever wanted to walk through the Guggenheim Museum? Now you can with the museum’s partnership with Google street view. It’s almost like you are “walking” through the area. (Bonus: You get to hear your kids try to pronounce “Guggenheim!”)
4) With our shelter-in-place order, you can’t really go anywhere…except the Van Gogh Museum! (Bonus: Your kids won’t overhear a museum tour guide telling the story of how Van Gogh fell in love with his cousin and sent her his ear!)
5) There’s nothing more wild than visiting the National Museum of Natural History, all while in the comfort of your pajamas!
6) Some of the world’s most famous pieces of art are located at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. The best part is you can skip purchasing the $25 admission ticket and visit for free!


National Parks & Zoos
1) Want to walk through Yosemite National Park? You can now thanks to photographer Scott Highton.
2) Explore Yellowstone National Park without the days-long road trip! (Bonus: Leave the room when the kids explore the sulfur springs, but don’t forget to also place some rotten eggs near them so they get the full experience!)
3) Your kids probably shouldn’t be watching “Tiger King” on Netflix, but they can be watching tigers through the San Diego’s Zoo live stream. If your kids get bored, they can simply switch over and watch the apes, baboons, elephants and more!
4) Don’t spend all your time on land. Dive into the ocean with Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Live Streams.


Theater & Operas

1) You can’t go to the movies, but you can stream family friendly operas, graciously provided by The Metropolitan Opera in New York City.
2) The National Theatre in London is streaming one of its productions each week on Thursday evenings (the productions will be available until the following Thursday). The National Theatre also has videos providing sneak peeks “behind the scenes” for the entire family to enjoy.
3) Broadway HD is providing a seven-day free trial (and after that, it is $8.99/month) to watch many classical Broadway plays online, including a young and not-quite-famous Hugh Jackman in “Oklahoma!”
4) Amazon Prime is opening up many of its kid’s shows for free. You will need to sign up for an Amazon Prime account, which you can do for free. Let’s be honest, we could all benefit from sitting down and watching “Mister Roger’s Neighborhood!”
5) Cirque du soleil is uploading a free show every week to get the full Cirque experience from your couch…


1) Yoga for Kids
2) Indiana’s Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity has a website called Go Noodle that provides free resources on activities you can do at home.
3) National Food Service Management Institute and the University of Mississippi has created this “Rainy Day” tips for keeping toddlers and preschoolers engaged physically while at home.
4) For your older kids, Ms. Romanaggi (a P.E. teacher for more than 30 years in the Oregon school district) recommends the DAREBEE website and the Glenn Higgins Fitness videos on YouTube.
5) Joe Wicks “the PE teacher” uploads live streaming exercise videos on youtube everyday. It has 1 million views everyday across the UK. For all age groups!

6) Maximize your garage – at home workouts and fitness activities great resources for for workouts and family fitness activities. All age groups and fitness level. Thank you to Maddie for those wonderful tips and for being an inspiration to all of us!