Who’s the “Citizen of tomorrow”?

By Megija, Grade 8; Līna, Grade 11; Maksud, Grade 9


In celebration of ISR’s international days, our Secondary campus organized a creative writing competition. In the competition, students located their favourite place in the world on a geolocation app called what3words, which gives every location on the planet a unique 3 word identification. The Castles then created word walls using all of these words. The challenge was to produce a piece of creative writing on the theme of ‘citizens of tomorrow’ including at least 15 words from the Castle’s word wall. The piece of creative writing could take any form, such as a poem, song, short story, magazine article, news report or letter.

1st place: Megija (Grade 8)

Castle: Bauska


Citizens of Tomorrow

Our flags represent us 

But our school bells have always rung the same

Our passports should never divide us

When the future of humans I’ve seen through a gaze

Where friendliness would fill any void

For any colour your skin carries, this was the place

You were always welcome no matter what origin

This is the place our human race should chase

Our children would bloom in this wonderful place

Hunger and greed were never faced

A white fire would burn as the strongest bond

It’s important to be aware that we can reach this place!

Together we’ll rise and reach the end of this race

Gaining a new tomorrow place


2nd Place: Lina (Grade 11)

Castle: Rundale


Citizen of Tomorrow

Dear myself in the future, 

Please respect the time you have during summer, create more arts and walk your dogs more. When autumn arrives, I’m pretty sure you won’t have time to do such things any more. Secondly, be yourself in school. Don’t try to blend in with the players, the world is actually a better place without them. I’m telling you it’s alright to be an outsider. Absorb all of the happiness from the friends you have, the moments you adore, people who you actually love, make yourself a better person or maybe happier. Don’t be a cheater on tests or assessments. You know it’s not right. Take one step closer to nature rather than hide yourself within your bedroom walls. Don’t miss the train that takes you to your favourite park. Give the environment the same amount of respect and responsibility it gave to you. You yourself can’t make major changes, so make people join you. I hope you’ll wake up every day feeling amazing, not like how I woke up this morning.


3rd Place: Maksud (Grade 9)

Castle: Cesis


A perfect world

In a world of tomorrow,

Where people can relax,

There won’t be any royals, maybe?

In a world where people can follow their passions,

And not live a dull, sad life.

In a world where nobody is afraid to ask questions,

And people can live in union.

In a world where ‘rich’, the word we always hear

Would mean rich in thoughts.

Humanity can, at last, improve,

And expand their possibilities to infinity. 

A world like this is always requested,

But is there ever an answer?

The sad truth is, humans are often selfish,

Which keeps us from achieving reflection.


If people actually cared, I am convinced,

The world would be perfect sooner.