People of ISR: Reflection on 3 Great Years in Latvia at ISR

By Angela Ferguson


It’s no exaggeration to say that when we announced to our family and friends almost 4 years ago that we would be moving to Latvia, the response from everyone was, “Where is that?”

And, while we did know where to find Latvia on the map, everything else has been an adventure in discovery as we’ve made our home here for 3 years.

Latvia welcomed us on June 10, 2017 and we were delighted by her long summer days of sunshine and magnificent nature. It was to be a year of several firsts for our family. Craig’s first posting as Director; Caelum’s first year attending PreSchool; Aedin learned to walk our first year here in Latvia. We all witnessed our first Jani within those first weeks, and how hot the beach can be even at the 58th parallel!

It was also to be a year of an unexpected challenge, and it seems that is how our time here ends as well. Three months into our first year at ISR, the school building famously “broke”. While initially a significant crisis, the situation gave way to revealing the spirit and resolve of the ISR community and ultimately led to a brilliant opportunity for positive growth. We face a similar situation now, in the circumstances of the covid-19 pandemic. During this, we have felt grateful not only for our safety but also to be part of a community that found a way to move forward, positively, in the face of unprecedented challenge.

Our family has made lifelong friends during our time in Latvia which, we believe, is what makes living abroad worthwhile. But we will also keep with us the spirit of commitment and perseverance that we have been a part of at ISR, which I believe is a reflection of Latvia’s character and heart. We will always be grateful for the opportunity to live it firsthand.