People of ISR: Ms. Amanda Romey, Primary Principal

By Anna, Knox and Gustavs, Grade 5


We decided to interview our new principal Ms. Amanda Romey so the community can find out more about her.

Ms. Amanda is a really positive, enthusiastic and active person from the USA, but she has also lived in Egypt. Ms Amanda chose our school because she saw our mission statement and she thought that this was the school she would like to work at.  The ISR mission statement is: We are a respectful, learning focused community where each child is inspired to achieve his or her potential and to become an ethical, confident, and internationally minded citizen of tomorrow.

For about 10 years, Ms. Amanda taught children who had been kicked out of schools. After that, she taught in a traditional classroom for a few years. Later she was an instructional coach for teachers, which means that she helped teachers with teaching strategies. Next, she was an assistant principal, and then she decided to become a principal because she saw that she could have an impact on her own students, and wanted to have a positive impact on even more students.  

Ms. Amanda wakes up at 4:30 every morning to run. She enjoys running marathons and taking part in triathlons. A triathlon includes swimming, running, and cycling.  She also likes reading books and spending time with her husband and three children, who attend ISR on the secondary campus.  

Ms. Amanda expects a lot from us, but it’s actually only one thing: be kind.  She appreciates that everyone has been super welcoming at school and in Latvia, even though she doesn’t speak Latvian or Russian yet.  

Ms. Amanda is very uplifting, fun, and super kind to everyone.  Her Learner Profile strengths are being caring, knowledgeable, and courageous. We have seen her talking to everyone and being supportive to the ISR community.  She is helpful and sets goals for herself. She’s a risk taker because she came to Latvia and wants to learn Latvian. 

We are really looking forward to learning with her at ISR!