Admission of Children with Particular Learning Needs

ISR can provide an appropriate education for most students, including non-native English speakers, students with mild to moderate learning disabilities and highly capable students. However, because of the limitations of the local professional support network, ISR is not able to serve the educational needs of those children with severe mental, physical, emotional or learning disabilities. Admission is open to those students who are able to participate successfully in a mainstream class with some specialist support.   Parents are required to provide all relevant information at the initial contact with the school. In cases where ISR determines that it may have an appropriate educational programme for a child, the school may require the parents to fund extra assistance beyond what is available in the classroom.

Once the child is admitted there may be a trial period.  At the end of the trail period the parents, teacher, Educational Support Coordinator and Director will meet to evaluate whether ISR will be capable of meeting the student’s needs.  The Director has final discretion for all admission and discharge cases, and all decisions will be taken with the needs of both the student and the school in mind.