Online Resources

World Book Online

WORLD BOOK ONLINE is an online encyclopedia where students in all grades can find quality information for their research projects.  Information is presented in a child-friendly way with games, colourful pictures, movies, and projects. Please contact the Librarian to obtain the login and password to access this encyclopedia.


BRAINPOP is a wonderful educational website with engaging articles and videos for children.
ISR students can use it both at school and at home until 5:30 on workdays. 

Super Why

SUPER WHY is a website designed to help kids ages preschool through kindergarten with the critical skills that they need to learn to read! SUPER WHY makes reading an empowering adventure by using interactive literacy games.


TVOKIDS is a wonderful resource for our grade 1 and grade 2 students that covers a myriad of topics including healthy living.  Click on "games" to play "The Bodies vs. Boffo" to gather all the healthy food while you try to avoid Boffo's sugary treats, and also be sure to try "The Bodies", a great way to help kids learn about food varieties and how many servings of each food category they should be eating each day.

National Geograpic Kids

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDS is a website that has a large online database on science, nature, animals, history, cultures, maps, geography and art. The website isn’t grade level specific but there are articles, interactive tutorials and other resources that will benefit children in grades 3 to 12.