The ISR Library Media Centre is open for all students, parents and staff. The LMC materials can be borrowed on any school day from 8am to 4pm. Students in grades 1-12 take books and movies home, students in Preschool and Kindergarten bring books to their classrooms.

Parents are very welcome to borrow additional reading material for their children.

How long can I keep the books, DVDs and magazines?

The materials are usually checked out for a 14 day period. If you need to extend the loan period, please contact the Librarian.

When is my child’s Library day? When should he/she return the LMC materials?

The following are the days when students visit the Library Media Centre:

Kindergarten I & D Wednesday
Grade 1 Thursday
Grade 2M Wednesday
Grade 2J Friday
Grade 3 Wednesday
Grade 4 Thursday
Grade 5V Monday
Grade 5T Tuesday

Reference materials

The LMC is working hard to develop a rich reference section with encyclopedias, dictionaries and atlases. These books can not be taken home during school days. However, the LMC will issue these books for use during the weekends. Please don’t hesitate to use this option.


The LMC currently has a growing collection of DVD’s and students in grades 1-12 are allowed to borrow 1 DVD at a time. If you do not wish your child to take DVDs home, please could you notify the LMC staff by writing a note to us? Thank you!