International School of Riga Mission, Philosophy and Objectives



We are a respectful learning-focused community where each student is inspired to achieve his or her potential and to become an ethical, confident, and internationally-minded citizen of tomorrow.



We strive to achieve our vision using approaches based on our philosophy. We believe that:

  • education should be enjoyable and must enable students to develop academically, emotionally, socially, physically, morally and creatively
  • every person has individual needs and abilities
  • we must seek to ensure that individuals work towards achieving their potential
  • we must provide a safe and secure learning environment for students, staff and the wider school community
  • parents, teachers and students are partners in the process of education



In carrying out our vision and applying our philosophy our objectives are to:

  • provide a holistic education that nurtures the whole person
  • develop independent learners and critical thinkers with an enthusiasm for life long learning
  • foster in all our community respect for themselves and for the global community
  • promote knowledge and understanding of the interdependence of peoples
  • nurture respect and care for the environment
  • promote multiple-intelligence development to allow students to develop their own individual talents
  • provide the opportunity for each student to develop and to appreciate ethical and cultural values, including those of the host country of Latvia
  • integrate high technology, sciences and the arts to allow students to adjust well in a competitive global society
  • incorporate a curriculum that is regularly evaluated by teaching and research professionals to improve the quality and effectiveness of our programmes
  • encourage the students to apply rational and creative thought to problems, to nurture and utilize their logical and imaginative capacities, and to develop the skill necessary for physical, mental, and social well-being
  • develop an awareness of the interdependence of all living things, and take responsibility in managing resources effectively and prudently
  • develop in the students a spirit of service, and an understanding that citizenship entails the responsibility to be informed and active in promoting justice and peace
  • develop responsible individuals who posses the ability to think clearly, logically and independently as participating members of a self-governing society
  • provide physical and health education enabling the student to live an energetic, wholesome and productive life.